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Biographical/Historical Note

Malone's Cafe was located at 521 Main Street in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. At one time it was the soda fountain area in Malone's Drug Store at the same location. On March 1, 1997, a class F5 tornado completely destroyed the drug store, but it was rebuilt in the style of late 1800 architecture.

In 2005 the cafe was remodeled in an attempt to attract tourists traveling on buses through Arkadelphia on their way to Hot Springs. At that time it was owned by W. P. Malone, Inc., which is owned by state Senator W. Percy Malone.

Malone earned a pharmacy degree from The University of Mississippi in 1965. He moved to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, in 1967 when he began working for I. B. Fuller at the Fuller Drug Store. By 1975 he began obtaining ownership of the store, the name of which was changed to Medic-Aid Pharmacy and later to All Care.

There has been a store building at the 521 Main Street location since 1873 when a one story, twenty-five foot wide, frame building was used as a dry goods store by L. J. Weber. In 1893 his brothers-in-law C. R. and R. B. Thomas established the “Famous” Racket store, a forerunner to today’s discount stores. The Thomas brothers replaced the wooden building with a brick one in 1906. The building later housed the Fuller Drug Store.