Absalom Fowler letter

Biographical/Historical note

Absalom Fowler was born in 1806 in Madison County, Kentucky. In 1829, he moved to Little Rock. He soon became the Prosecuting Attorney for Arkansas Territory, serving 1829-1830. In 1833, he joined the law partnership of Robert Crittenden, who died in 1834 leaving the law practice to Fowler. He was president of the Arkansas Bar Association in 1830s. He was a representative for Pulaski County in 1835 and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1836. In 1836, he ran as the Whig Party candidate for governor of the newly-formed state of Arkansas but lost to James Conway by 2000 votes. Fowler was appointed the United States District Attorney for Arkansas in 1841 and 1849 and served as a state representative in 1844-1846. He married Frances Lewis on May 25, 1843. He died June 4, 1859.